The Philosophy


Inspire students to contribute positively and reach great heights through global thinking and with fierce loyalty to their place of birth, their country and its culture before they decide to adopt the entire planet.


For a better world, NGS believes in learning that is cognizant of our diverse heritage as well as global perspectives.

We strive to make every child feel valued, happy and successful.

We educate for peace and strong humanitarian values of inclusiveness and understanding in everything we do.

We also hold dear enthusiasm and participation with integrity.

We will work with you to create learners who continue to seek knowledge and contribute to the world with confidence for decades to come, even after leaving their alma mater.

Founder's Message

Principal's Message

Why “The world is our ooru”

Just as there should be no limit to our imagination, there is also no limit to our learning. While Shakespeare may have felt that all the world’s a stage, it’s also the best university possible populated with lessons at every turn that no curricula could ever include.

Namma Ooru Global Schools is a place that relishes a child’s curiosity, encourages creative questions and lets children re-imagine the world bringing each one into his/her own, whether to be an artist, an athlete, an intellectual, or a little of everything. A few years from now, we want to have groomed children into capable and confident global citizens who know without question – that the possibilities are endless, when you invest yourself.