After a point, just hearing grownups talk about things isn’t enough. That’s when our little ones start their own experiments. We believe that the world is our lab. We encourage our students to understand how to find answers in a hands-on manner rather than just reading things out from a textbook.

After all, scientific thinking & logical reasoning is best instilled at an early age when their curiosity is earnest and their minds are keen. Our classrooms are equipped with constantly updated learning technologies and even the outer spaces have been designed to create a wonderful learning environment for all children in Kindergarten.


Our well-equipped library with infinite access to digital and physical books will redefine the way reading is encouraged. Scattered reading rooms, debate zones and knowledge centers across our campuses will provide opportunities for personal growth, self-discovery and fun while helping students stay abreast of global happenings and trends.

A language lab, guided by trained faculty will activate and enhance the self learning process and provide a space for students to develop their skills through cognitive tasks.

It supports interactive features such as listening and voice recording, blends instructor-led training and computer-based education. All the little touches needed to make your little one a confident little champion.

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