Middle School

Looking to our past is a great way to find inspiration especially when the future needs the wisdom of experience. It’s why at NGS – Tirunelveli, we’ve included some classic touches rooted in our native culture and traditions as a tip-of-the-hat to Namma Ooru. In fact, our curriculum makes it compulsory for children to pick at least one classical art form and a contemporary one – Be it music, dance, painting or even martial arts, communicating ideas through varying media empowers children to build their own narratives and taps into their imagination.

Especially in middle school when the growth spurt is at its peak, a wholesome curriculum for mind, body & soul, we believe makes all the difference. Silambam, Bharatnatyam & Kabaddi are personal favourites that we’re hoping will some day make it to a global stage. Most of these activities are naturally inclined to inspiring physically active lifestyles for tomorrow.

We also have computer suites, libraries with both physical and electronic books, internet access, a dedicated art, music & dance studio and a large integrated playground for both team and solo sports.

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