Modern and spacious, all our classrooms are designed to ensure that there’s ample room not just for light, air and learning resources, but also curiosity, experiments and even short skits & role playing during lessons.
With themed days, weekly quizzes and big question fortnights, there’s loads in store to learn for our students. A well-rounded curriculum and practical skills-based learning further prepares our primary students to discover their strengths and focus on areas they can improve.

Smart classes make abstract concepts clearer and benefit the visual, auditory and kinesthetic learner. At NGS we take smart classes beyond the technology and fuse it into our teaching objectives, creating proficient all-rounders.

In line with the philosophy of experimental learning, NGS provides a well-equipped Mathematics Lab that enables teachers to explain mathematical ideas using objects, models, charts, graphs and pictures. Through these methods, students explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems through a variety of activities. Math is fun and more importantly the basis for most advanced concepts – it’s why we focus so much on getting students to love it!

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